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Hospital Layoff Rumors “Not True”

No employees whose jobs have been consolidated at Mercy Booneville have lost their jobs the Booneville City Council was told last week.

“When you live in a small town the rumor mill is very quick and sometimes not correct,” said hospital administrator C. David Hill. “Rumors going around a few weeks ago was we’re laying off a bunch of people, and that’s simply not true.”

Instead, some duties that were necessary for the hospital when it was an independent facility have been consolidated through Mercy’s regional approach.

“It does affect some of our staff. We’ve met with each and every one of our employees that might be affected with changes in their jobs,” said Hill. “We said at some future date, these jobs will go away.

“We’re going to absorb these within our own Booneville system or give them opportunities to find other jobs within the Mercy organization.”

The transition has begun, Hill said.

“We’ve had several people who have already taken jobs within Mercy. Some of them like the job better, they like the hours better, they like the pay better and they are happy about it,” said Hill.

Hill said placement for an employee whose job has been consolidated is 100 percent.

“There are no layoffs. Nobody is getting fired,” Hill added. “Nobody is being forced out. As we went through the transaction with Mercy, that was one of the things that was very, very appealing to us. We knew that some of the services were consolidated, we also knew that was their goal.

“They’ve done this within their own organization where there were some job changes and there’s always been 100 percent placement and that’s what we’re going for right now.”

Hill also said the hospital has made “significant progress” on paying back a loan at First Western Bank and that all vendor accounts are current – Mercy assumed no debt when it began operation of the hospital in January.

Hill also said the hospital is expecting a cost report payment of about $320,000 which should more than cover all outstanding debt.

“We may have a couple dollars left over,” said Hill.