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Game To Be Setting For “This Is Arkansas”

Speaking to the Booneville Rotary Club in September, W. Ray Bertram of the “This Is Arkansas” initiative said he envisioned doing a documentary about a fall Friday night in Booneville.

That will begin to come to fruition Friday as the Booneville versus Dover football game will be the setting for a big portion of a documentary to be produced for a Blind Man’s Bluff Productions titled “This Is Arkansas: A Football Friday Night In Booneville.

Bertram said the plans are to film students just having fun enjoying football as well as Bearcat fans in general. The pep rally may also be part of the project he said.

Bertram said he would be on hand for the game, which will also be senior night, and that the project will be created with equipment “on the level of what Hollywood uses.”

Billing himself as the Blind Film Maker of Arkansas, Bertram and his crew strive to produce top quality documentaries about towns, or facets of them, that are then exhibited on the Internet through YouTube.

The This Is Arkansas project recently debuted its pilot documentary on the Civil War events in this area. That project centered on the Battle of Haguewood Prairie in 1863 and debuted on Oct. 12 in Paris. That documentary has not been released to the Internet as yet.